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How To Lock A Facebook Profile?

Needless to say, every mobile phone with a smartphone now has Facebook. So pervasive is this social media giant that we can do even more bad than good through it. That’s why police are also warning people to be very careful before using social media. They point out that every photo we upload is more likely to be blackmailed by people using it in different ways and asking for money.

That’s why Facebook has introduced a new profile lock feature for the safety of users. With this new feature, Facebook users in the country will be able to lock their profile. Only people on our friends list can see your photo, status, and posts through this feature. With this, many other problems can be avoided. Experts also suggest that we never allow friend requests from people we do not know. However you can also lock your profile in one minute. Read on to find out how.

Lock Profile Like ..

  • First you go to the Google Play Store / Apple App Store and update your Facebook app.
  • Then open your profile page.
  • Now click on the ‘More’ option that appears next to the ad story in your profile name.
  • Select the ‘Lock Profile’ option that appears in the drop-down menu there.
  • Now click on the “Lock Your profile” option that appears on your screen.
  • You should now see a message saying that your profile is locked.

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